More than 2 million

Ukrainian children have become refugees overnight.

That’s a quarter of the child population in Ukraine.

Ukraine Map

We welcomed them!

They are our guests, our neighbors, our children’s classmates, or living nearby.

Almost 1 million Ukrainian refugees are now in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

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Better Time Stories, a project for Ukrainian kids

Better Times Stories is a volunteer based effort to directly connect donors and refugee children

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You can help them cope

They don't have books

Books were left behind with only a few things to carry while fleeing the war in Ukraine. No reading time for months, and counting.

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They are separated from their relatives

Fathers and many other relatives are staying behind in Ukraine with the possibility that they will never see or hear from them again.

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They need to adjust to a new environment

A new language environment causes children to fall behind in development, combined with social distress.

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We have found solutions to these problems

Five bilingual
picture books

Carefully selected stories from the Top 5 bestselling illustrators and authors that help children cope with their situations. Bringing a piece of home to the children.

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Relatives can narrate (even from afar)

Helping children to deal with separation. Fathers and other relatives narrate the books that could be read along anytime and as many times as kids wish.

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Ease the integration
with Audiobooks

Ready-to-listen audiobooks narrated by professional readers in both languages help kids in the moments when reading is not possible.

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Helping children to connect

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15€ per package as donation gift (incl. shipping)

For kids
aged 3 to 7

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delivery: October

A specially designed package for kids aged 3 to 7 in this particular situation. Five bilingual interactive picture books  unite them with fathers and help them to adapt to their new language environment.

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You gift - we deliver

After your donation, we will send you a voucher that you can present to the refugee children. Your gifts will be automatically matched and delivered. You can even narrate the book for a child yourself!

Don’t know refugee children personally?
We match and deliver to the ones that are closest to you. Once delivered - you’ll be notified!